Bethanie Simmons-Becil MSN, PMHNP-BC, APHN-BC

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse

Independent Practitioner

AACN Board Certification #32105834 - Expires 2/2023

AHNCC Board Certification #3732 - Expires 2/2022


Collective Nursing Experience: 16 years


Nurse Practitioner Specialties: Psychiatry, Holistic Nursing


Historical Practice Includes: Eastern State Hospital, NaphCare Inc, Mayo Clinic Florida, University of North Florida, and Kaiser Permanente.

Additional Nursing Experience: Intensive Care, Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, Post Organ Transplant Care, and Neurological Intensive Care. 

 I am a dedicated Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with 4 years providing evidence based treatment to multiple patient populations. My ultimate desire is to provide you with a safe, comfortable environment to share your thoughts (good and bad), and through medication management, help you attain a healthier and more goal oriented life for yourself. I fully believe in a collaborative approach to therapy and value your feedback throughout the course of treatment. 

     I have worked with populations including Veterans, Active Duty, actively Incarcerated, Outpatient, as well as State Hospital patients. I specialize in treating Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress, LGBTQ related Issues, and Schizophrenic disorders. I am trained both in psychiatric medication management and individual therapy, which allows me to draw from many areas of expertise to better diagnose and treat.

       I am also currently pursuing my Doctorate in Nursing Practice, with a specialty in Psychiatry at the University of South Alabama.

      I have nine years of collective nursing experience, and also worked throughout my nursing education as a Certified Nursing Assistant, Echocardiogram (EKG) Technician, and Medical Secretary. I started as a new nurse in a progressive Cardio-Thoracic unit caring for complicated cardiac and pulmonary patients after recent surgeries. After my first year, I became an advanced RN within the unit and was responsible for educating and training new nurses, as well as participating on research committees within the hospital to decrease infection rates. From there I went to a larger hospital, Kaiser Permanente, to work in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, with a focus on neurological care. I worked there as I started my MSN (Masters in Nursing) for my Nurse Practitioner specialty in psychiatry. 


     I relocated after finishing my Master's and worked both at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville and also taught as an Assistant Professor with University of North Florida. I was responsible for educating undergraduate nurses in psychology, including clinical rotations for both psychology and first year medical-surgical rotations. At Mayo Clinic I worked in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit caring for a wide variety of patients including those critically-ill with pulmonary, kidney, liver and cardiac issues. I cared for patients directly after surgery, recieved from the operating room, after organ transplants and open heart surgeries. I also assisted in the operating room with the operation of the Continuous Veno-Venous Hemofiltration (CVVH) also known as continuous dialysis. I worked with a variety of specialties and special machines including balloon-pumps, ventilators, peritoneal dialysis, CVVH, as well as monitoring cerebral, arterial, pulmonary-artery and venous pressures. 


     Due to a military change of station with my spouse, we were relocated to the Hampton Roads area, where I worked with the Hampton Roads Regional Jail with NaphCare Inc for a year and a half as the head psychiatric provider for all inmates. While managing all psychiatric/psychologic issues, I collaborated in the beginning of the Mental Health Consortium, where representatives from all Community Services Boards, state and local hospitals, and representatives came together once per month to discuss decreasing the re-admittance rate to the jail due to lack of services in the community. 


    Upon leaving HRRJ, I moved to Eastern State Hospital where I was Head of Treatment Team for new admissions and for forensic patients being stabilized to return to the community. I also assisted with covering for other units as needed. At this time, I also chose to step into outpatient care with Chesapeake Psychological Associates, where I still see patients within a group of over 8 therapeutic providers. 


     I look forward to utilizing my diverse nursing background to assist you with all of your mental health needs. Medication is not always the sole option for depression and anxiety. I encourage individual therapy as well as other therapeutic options to all of my patients. I also provide education and referrals for other needs as necessary. 

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